Seminar #6: From Networks to Complexity

From Networks to Complexity: two case studies from the AHRC Creative Citizens project From the noticeboard in the newsagent’s window to multi-layered online networks using social networking technologies, citizens are increasingly accessing networks of support that uncover previously invisible opportunities. Such networks exist online and offline, facilitated in part by the use of social networking […]

Seminar #5: What is the Value of Design?

Bristol & Bath by Design is conducting a comprehensive 18-month project mapping and measuring the value of design in the city region from a cultural, economic and social perspective. Looking beyond quantitative indicators of value, this research is investigating six main areas of the region’s design ecosystem – place, dynamism, attractors, knowledge creation, knowledge exchange and […]

Seminar #4: The Ecology of Culture

Referring to his AHRC report, The Ecology of Culture, published in February of this year, John Holden will be discussing the interdependencies of publicly funded culture, commercial culture and homemade culture that interact and “shape the demand for and production of arts and cultural offerings”. Rather than seeing these interactions as an economy, they are better […]

Seminar #3: Cultural Ecology as Practice

The core research question for this presentation, led by Professor Jon Dovey  is how can cultural agencies maximise the value of the networks they produce? This inquiry presumes several other questions, what do we mean by value in this context ? What kinds of ‘cultural agents’ are we talking about? What is the role of […]

Seminar #2: Networks, Scenes & Cultural Value

Seminar 2, led by Dr Daniel Allington, focuses on the significance of valorisation as process in cultural production – the establishment of some cultural goods as ‘better’ than others. This process is the result of multiple acts of valuing on the part of individual people, some of whose judgements have more influence than others. In […]

Seminar #1: Creative Territories

The first event in the series is a discussion of a research project investigating how ‘value’ is produced in networks of independent games producers. Dr Patrick Crogan will discuss ideas arising from his research network Creative Territories  This AHRC network convened a research conversation that mobilised Bernard Stiegler’s ideas about an ‘economy of contribution’ in the burgeoning arena […]