Seminar #1: Creative Territories

The first event in the series is a discussion of a research project investigating how ‘value’ is produced in networks of independent games producers. Dr Patrick Crogan will discuss ideas arising from his research network Creative Territories 

This AHRC network convened a research conversation that mobilised Bernard Stiegler’s ideas about an ‘economy of contribution’ in the burgeoning arena of indie games design.

  • What are the conditions that support the development of networks of independent game producers?
  • How do these networks impact on their surroundings and local context?

The research produced the Good Hubbing Guide as an analysis of how hubs produce value through their networked operations.


Thursday, October 1


Pervasive Media Studio
Bristol BS1 5TX



Patrick Crogan teaches film and media at UWE Bristol and is a member of the Digital Cultures Research Centre there. He wrote Gameplay Mode: War, Simulation and Technoculture (2011), and researches across the theory-practice interface on issues of digital technocultural transformation. With Auroch Digital and Janet Jones of Middlesex University, he worked on JtR125, a game/documentary hybrid project for the REACT ‘Future Documentary’ Sandbox. Recently he led the Creative Territories Network, an AHRC project looking at new forms of cultural production, collaboration and creativity in the indie games industry.