Seminar #2: Networks, Scenes & Cultural Value

Seminar 2, led by Dr Daniel Allington, focuses on the significance of valorisation as process in cultural production – the establishment of some cultural goods as ‘better’ than others.

This process is the result of multiple acts of valuing on the part of individual people, some of whose judgements have more influence than others. In his solo and collaborative research into cultural value,  Allington has used a combination of interviewing, observation, and large scale online data collection in order to understand how this happens in the digital age.

The use of qualitative methods is important because it makes it possible to address questions raised by quantitative network analysis: for example, why SoundCloud users tend to follow others who are based in the same city, or why users of particular development systems get more attention than others in the interactive fiction retrogaming scene.


Thursday, October 15


Pervasive Media Studio
Bristol BS1 5TX


daniel_allingtonCROP2Daniel Allington is Associate Professor of Digital Cultures at the UWE Bristol, teaching in the Department of Arts and Cultural Industries and conducting research at the Digital Cultures Research Centre. He previously taught linguistics at the Open University.

Dr Allington has been active in the AHRC’s Cultural Value research strand, and recently published ‘Networks of value in electronic music: SoundCloud, London, and the importance of place’ in Cultural Trends.

Broadly speaking, he’s interested in how culture gets made and what people do with it.