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Dr Patrick Crogan surprised listeners at this Cultural Value seminar on Oct 1 at the PMStudio when he failed to cite Bernard Stiegler until the the q&a. He did however surface a number of issues regarding the politics of creative networks that derive from Stiegler’s notion of an ‘economy of contribution’. Patrick’s account of the […]


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  • Seminar #6: From Networks to Complexity

    From Networks to Complexity: two case studies from the AHRC Creative Citizens project From the noticeboard in the newsagent’s window to multi-layered online networks using social networking technologies, citizens are increasingly accessing networks of support that uncover previously invisible opportunities. Such networks exist online and offline, facilitated in part by the use of social networking […]

  • Seminar #5: What is the Value of Design?

    Bristol & Bath by Design is conducting a comprehensive 18-month project mapping and measuring the value of design in the city region from a cultural, economic and social perspective. Looking beyond quantitative indicators of value, this research is investigating six main areas of the region’s design ecosystem – place, dynamism, attractors, knowledge creation, knowledge exchange and […]

  • Seminar #4: The Ecology of Culture

    Referring to his AHRC report, The Ecology of Culture, published in February of this year, John Holden will be discussing the interdependencies of publicly funded culture, commercial culture and homemade culture that interact and “shape the demand for and production of arts and cultural offerings”. Rather than seeing these interactions as an economy, they are better […]

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